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December 2023 Updates

As we have previously posted earlier this year, the Metal Asylum page is in an old format, and we (Rich Catino and Jack Mangan) are more active on social media and the Metal Asylum Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/MetalAsylum.net . Please like and follow us there as we are always posting news, reviews, both written and audio/video, also posted at out Youtube channel. Please subscribe, like and follow our channel here. https://www.youtube.com/@MetalAsylumnet . Our MetalAsylum.net website will remain here as an archive page, and we are looking to move forward at a new address with an updated current format. Also, do remember that Rich Catino is a contributor at https://bravewords.com/home , and the Metal Hall of Fame https://metalhalloffame.org/ occasionally with our friends at Sea of Tranquility https://www.youtube.com/user/SeaofTranquilityProg/videos Jack Mangan also writes for the Metal Hall of Fame, and contributes at times to our friends at The Metal Voice https://www.themetalvoice.com/ . And is busy promoting his recent graphic novel, "Am I Evil" based on the legendary Diamond Head song. Support the comic here. https://www.amievil-graphicnovel.com/

May 2023 Updates

May 2023 Updates: See our recent show review for Moonspell, Eleine, Oceans of Slumber, and Vintersea. As of the past few months we have been working on updating the Metal Asylum website, new fresh look and layout, it's long overdue. The content here will not be lost, just archived. More updates to come. In the meantime, some reviews will be posted here from time to time for albums and other media formats, concerts, maybe an interview. But, overall the Facebook page gets more activity and readers just respond more to social media pages. Daily, we post album anniversaries, news, comments and short reviews on new music, both singles and albums, plus concert reports that includes photo galleries. MetalAsylum.net | Facebook . We also do Facebook live interviews and discussions. Recent photo galleries have been uploaded for Anvil with Don Jamieson and Midnite Hellion at Crossroads in Garwood, NJ. Queensrcyhe/Marty Friedman/Trauma at Irving Plaza in NYC, Satan/Night Demon and Haunty at Dingbatz in Clifton NJ, and Tony Harnell doing a TNT set at Debonair in Teanack, NJ. When time allows, we are also active doing reviews, interviews, and conversations at our YouTube channel. That is another format people prefer over reading music and concert reviews. Please subscribe and like our videos. MetalAsylum.net - YouTube

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