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New Reviews, Oct 12, 2021
Been a couple months since posting an update on reviews. Lots of music has come out this summer into the fall. Here are a few things we checked out. More to come hopefully soon. Support new music. We also have a couple of interviews and topic discussions on the Metal Asylum Facebook page.

Albums reviews:
Brothers in Arms - Sunset and Clark
Between Worlds feat. Ronny Munroe - Between World
Orden Organ - Final Days
Joel Hoekstra's 13 - Running Games
Enforcer - Live By Fire II
Hippotraktor - Meridian
Alien Weaponry - Tangaroa
TRNA - Istok
The Dead Deads - Tell Your Girls It's Alright
Troops of Doom - The Absence Of Light - EP
Nothing Sacred - No Gods
Crown Lands - White Buffalo - EP
Lost Symphony - Chapter III
Shumaun - Memories and Intuition
Hookers and Blow - Hookers and Blow
Book review:
Jay Jay French - Twisted Business

New Reviews, May 15, 2021:
Reviews have been posted for new albums from The End Machine - Phase Two, HellTrail - Always Shoot Twice, Steel Fox - Red Snow, Liquid Steel - Mountains of Madness, Evile - Hell Unleashed, The Vintage Caravan - Monuments, Liquid Tension Experiment - LTE3, Helstar - Clad in Black, Witherfall - The Curse of Autumn, Sullen - Nodus Tollens - Act 1: Oblivion, Evergrey - Escape of the Phoenix. Also coming soon reviews for the new album from Flotsam and Jetsam, Vulture, and the Helloween album in June. And, remember the Asylum Facebook page is always updated with daily news, album anniversaries, interviews, and reviews.

Nov 2020: Metal Asylum and Metal Hall of Fame Livestreams
Since the Covid-19 pandemic began in 2020, early summer Metal Asylum started doing Facebook live interviews every week or two, with hard rock and metal musicians, and artists. Hosted by Metal Asylum journalists, Rich Catino (also from Bravewords magazine, Sea of Tranquility) and Jack Mangan (Am I Evil graphic novel, Metal Hall of Fame), the guests have included:

D.D. Verni, Jack Frost, Charlie Calv - Bronx Casket Co.
Steve Whiteman, Brian "Damage" Forsythe - Kix
Michael Alago - Elektra Records
Jeff Scott Soto - audio only
Aldo Nova
Joel Hoekstra
David Ellefson and Thom Hazaert - Combat Records
Thom Hazaert - Combat Records
Rob Alaniz and Phil Flores - Evildead
Joey Vera - Armored Saint
Brian Tatler and Rasmus Bom Anderson - Diamond Head
Dobber Beverly - Oceans of Slumber
Farhad Hossain - Shumaun
Ryah Deines -- Tyche Books
Jimmy Kay - The Metal Voice
Mike LePond, Alan Tecchio - Mike LePond's Silent Assassins - - with photographer Frank White
Frost Coalition Recap: Jack Frost, Charlie Calv, Andre Vanchot, Anthony Regalbuto

Special Am I Evil? episode guests:
Bobby Blitz - Overkill
Scott Sigler
Cheyenne Wright
Evo Terra
Sheila Dee
Tee Morris
Phillippa J. Ballantine
James F. Beveridge
Jack Frost
Alan Tecchio - Mike Lepond's Silent Assassins, Hades, Non-Fiction
Frank White
Derek Mah
Tony Mast
JR Murdock

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